BORN LUCKY is a high-energy, family musical comedy, based on the collected writings of A. Lawrence Vaincourt. Best known for the internationally-acclaimed poem JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today), Larry was an award-winning writer who published hundreds of newspaper columns and numerous books.

His son, Randy Vancourt, is an award-winning composer, writer and performer. In 1996 Randy began poring over thousands of pages of his father's work, gradually piecing together the show that would eventually become BORN LUCKY.

BORN LUCKY tells the story of a small farming community that decides to celebrate the naming of their town in a very special way – by staging a World’s Fair.  A charming musical celebration of life’s absurdities, told from a rural point of view.

BORN LUCKY finds the humour in everyday life and unusual characters.  By turns hilarious, moving and inspiring, BORN LUCKY is a salute to homegrown wit and wisdom.  Or in the words of famed columnist Ann Landers, “You certainly do know how to write a heart-warmer!”

Performed by three singer/musician/actors, the show met with immediate success. Reviews were ecstatic. The story revolves around a small farming community that decides to stage a World's Fair. By turns hilarious and heartwarming, one critic wrote:

“BORN LUCKY is a charming country-tinged musical that's high on whimsy. How many other shows manage to mention farming, horses, the Second World War and outhouses (at least twice), while making you laugh and tap your toes?”