Theme song from the YTV comedy series.

From ROCKABYE BUBBLE (TVO), performed by John Neville.

From DUDLEY THE DRAGON (PBS/YTV), featuring Jackie Richardson.

From DUDLEY THE DRAGON (PBS/YTV), with Rick Mercer & Alex Galatis.
A tribute to the car crash songs of the 60's.
It appeared on the Dr. Demento radio program.

From my 1985 Christmas album.

Released Christmas 2004.

Next time you're stuck in summertime traffic, this one's for you.

Even Granny is online! Recorded with my comedy trio, Radio Freaks.

A live performance from my Irish show, The Rocky Road To Dublin.

Also from The Rocky Road To Dublin.

CHUTZPAH à GO-GO          Songs from the hit musical CHUTZPAH à GO-GO
             by David Gale & Randy Vancourt.    

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